We offer a wide range of support services to clients, that all underpin powerful PR and corporate communications campaigns, which are designed to build brands for the longer-term and allow clients to enjoy greater financial returns.


Given our network of partners and specialists that we have worked with over the years, McInnes Communications can offer a wide range of support services to clients, in particular powerful public relations campaigns that make a real impact in the market, helping catapult brands into the limelight. However, we also offer advertising, direct mail, brochures, newsletters, websites and many other marketing services with considerable experience and expertise, thanks to our unique partnership with Third Floor Design.

Harnessing Board Room Level Expertise

With a strong background in the glazing and construction markets we can also act as a virtual marketing director for clients and also provide additional business guidance. Not all companies have the resources to employ a marketing manager or director, nor do they need to. We attend meetings, give strategic input, prepare reports and are always available whatever the query. It’s a case of experience and expertise when you need it most. Managing director Iain McInnes can even take on board the role as a non-executive director.