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Now Appointed for Kommerling USA




Now Appointed for Kommerling USA

Now into our 9th year with Kommerling in the UK, we’ve been appointed to develop the marketing strategy and deliverables for Kommerling USA. We have experience of the trade and consumer sectors in the USA which have already proven useful and in the coming months we’ll be developing brochures, PR content and a platform for growth.

Large lift and slide doors will certainly take centre stage with architects and housing developers, whilst the emerging market for tilt and turn windows will certainly provide other sales opportunities. The sheer size and scale of the market in the USA is impressive and even with relatively niche products Kommerling will be able to build an impressive business model.

Headed up by Gareth Parton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kommerling USA Inc will be looking to mark it’s mark with the help of McInnes Communications.