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A Re-Brand After 10 Years!




A Re-Brand After 10 Years!

Yes, McInnes Communications Ltd is now 10 years old and so it has been time to do a re-brand and to create an entirely new website. Working closely with Third Floor Design, we’ve changed the logo and added a streamline that truly reflects what we do - We Build Brands. Given out impressive client list and the incredible success they’ve had over this period it a more than justified statement.

We’ve got some incredible testimonials form some very influential clients, who understand the value of what we’ve been able to offer them over the years. We don’t just offer PR services, but real corporate communications and board room level expertise. For most of our clients we get involved in other projects and add value where we can. After all if they succeed then so do we. Will it take another 10 years before we re-brand again, who knows. But one thing is for sure is that we will continue to the powerful brands for our clients over the long-term.