We take a great amount of pride in everything we do to the lasting detail. These case studies show some of our recent work that have helped clients build their respective brands and generated considerable commercial returns.

Re-Igniting the Carey & Fox Name




Re-Igniting the Carey & Fox Name
Re-Igniting the Carey & Fox Name Re-Igniting the Carey & Fox Name

When we were asked to looked at the Totali Timber Solutions business from a strategic perspective, we needed to think of the long-term prosperity of the business, it’s partners and of course the employees. With that in mind we decided to resurrect the family name, Carey & Fox which had lapsed for over a decade yet still had strong values associated with the name.

A business plan was put in place with key marketing deliverables including a new corporate identity, 32 page brochure and the assets to build a website. After just 18 months the company started to enjoy strong growth, an increase in profits and above all a blueprint for future success. For the last 12 months they’ve had to recruit to help support a period of sustained growth.